….wieder live on stage….

Merkt euch schon einmal Freitag, den 09.03.2011 vor, denn dann kommt wieder die

„The Jerry O’Fonics Band“ live on stage….

Wir freuen uns euch wieder dieses „Live“ Erlebnis in unserem Irish-Pub anbieten zu dürfen
und versprechen euch wieder eine tolle Show.
Wer Sie bei dem letztem Gastspiel Anfang Januar gesehen hat, weiß worauf man sich freuen darf.

The Jerry O"Fonics Band

The Jerry O’Fonics Band were formed in Wildwood, New Jersey in 1998.Four young musicians decided, instead of sitting at home why not put together 50 – 60 songs and play live in different pubs.

They held a residency in The Anglesea Pub for three years.

Since then they have played throughout America, mostly in California to large audiences who enjoy their own particular brand of humour and song choice.

Having played what was an excellent gig at The Celtic Corner in January they are back for more on Friday 9th of March to party again with the great people of Brilon